Sunday, August 26, 2007

Pink Lines

Three weeks ago I spent $13.78 buying a package of 10 (yes 10) pregnancy tests from an online company in Canada. You might wonder why I would have need for 10 pregnancy tests. Well, in the midst of undergoing fertility treatments there's this terrible thing called the "Two Week Wait" this is the period of time between the treatment and the date you can take a home pregnancy test to see if the treatment worked or not. This is possibly the longest two weeks of your entire life and you spend it thinking every twinge, cramp, sneeze, etc. just might be an indicator of pregnancy. It's not. Most normal home pregnancy tests tell you you shouldn't test until your period is actually late. Hah. In the world of infertility you become obsessed and began testing as early as 7 days after ovulation, thus the need for a ten pack of pregnancy tests. Two weeks ago today I had a treatment cycle which we knew probably wouldn't work but we thought we'd try anyway. So of course, I started my obsessive "peeing on a stick" last Sunday. I used one pregnancy test a day until yesterday, when my body made it quite apparent I was indeed most definitely not pregnant.

The longer you stare at the test you try to convince yourself you see a second pink line and then the next thing you know you're using a nail file to pry open the plastic case just to get a closer look at the pee stick. Alas, no matter how many times you stare or what manner of light or PhotoShop manipulation you use there's nothing that can make a second pink line appear.

On to next month...