Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Office Martyr and Signs of Spring

Every office has one. The person who can't work enough. She (or He) doesn't take lunch breaks, they stay late, come in on the weekends, work when they're sick, all to get attention. I've known the office martyr before but never to the degree I have known now. I have a great job, its fun and I have a fabulous boss, really. I also have a co-worker whom I'll call The Pill. The Pill has been working at our company 3 more years than I have, yet she acts as though she's been there for 20 years. She's at work constantly, even when she doesn't have to be. She lets everyone in earshot know about her illnesses, her children's illnesses, personal family woes, how long she's gone without a day off, etc. I don't think she realizes there's a line between personal life and work life that shouldn't be crossed. She jumped over it a LONG time ago. She and I have butted heads since I started. She is a manipulative liar, gossiper, a whiner, a crier, a complainer and most importantly the office martyr. Did I mention she's in her 40's, and not her teens? Her appalling behavior constantly amazes me. What amazes me more is that no one in 'power' seems to want to do anything about it. They just let her act the way she does with no repercussions. I keep telling myself that she must be a truly miserable person and not happy in the least little bit to act the way she does. It's too bad she has to ruin my perfectly wonderful job.

In happier news, our yard is showing more signs of spring. The quince had starting blooming a couple of weeks ago and the narcissus's began blooming this past week. I cut a few before dinner and stuck them in a vase. So pretty. Daylight savings time starts next Sunday (the 9th) too. It'll be 75 degrees ago before we know it.

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Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. Do you have an update on this story?