Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I’ve always thrown around the idea of getting a tattoo. It’s one of those things that you just *can’t* wait to do until your 18, like voting, getting a credit card, smoking, etc. I don’t think any of my friends have tattoos, nor does anyone in my family (except my brother). By the time I turned 18 I wasn’t really thinking about tattoos, but in the last several years I started thinking about getting one again. There were two things that concerned me though; one is that I wanted it to be something meaningful, something I would want to have on my body forever. Two is that I wanted it in a location I could see and that would have minimal sagging/wrinkling over the years to come.

At one point I thought about getting a bee tattoo, not like a cartoon bumble bee, but a more refined, Napoleonic era bee. But I could never find just the right example of one. Then last week I saw a blog with a typographical tattoo, which led me to scan through Flickr for more examples of text tattoos. I got the idea that I would get the word ‘hope’ tattooed on my foot. I thought that would be a nice, optimistic word to get that would help encourage me when I get down about our baby troubles. So I looked for a nice font for a few hours and then it dawned on me I should just draw it out in my own handwriting. So I got a tiny sketch pad and wrote the word out in a few different variations until I found the perfect one.

I called my brother, who just got his second tattoo, and asked him for a recommendation. He told me about the artist who did his, who went to high school with us. I made an appointment with her for this past Sunday and so on Sunday afternoon Doug, my brother and I went over to Trilogy on Highland. The tattoo artist, Jessie, was great. She did such an awesome job. She was able to use my own writing and it turned out exactly like I had pictured it. It really didn’t hurt either, just a few stings. I absolutely love it and I can see it every time I look down at my feet. It’s a really nice reminder that no matter how disheartening infertility can be there’s still hope.

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Susie Homemaker said...

Hello again...I stopped back in to see what was new with you since Tuesday...that's when I read about your tattoo. In a word - Beautiful. I, too had to go through years of infertility. i don't know your story, but I was diagnosed with PCOS. After months and months with a specialist, and getting word that I hadn't even ovulated (again, again, again) I told the doc I give up for a few months - I couldn't TAKE another pee test, blood test, day 3 - 5- 10 - 14 -28 - you know...just couldn't TAKE it. Something happened though - only 1 month later I found out I was 2 months pregnant. How did they miss it? Docs don't know everything, hope can be all you need. So hang in there. i wish you the very best, and if you ever want to vent - I am here. Good luck - I HOPE for you...