Wednesday, May 28, 2008

How Does My Garden Grow

The vegetable garden is in it's 6th week. The main problems I'm having are slugs and whiteflies. I used beer traps to get rid of some slugs, it was a cheap treatment (thanks to Doug's friend Jeff leaving a 6-pack of Southpaw at our house) but it was pretty nasty cleaning out the dead slugs from the plastic cups. Gag. I treated the whitefly problem with some organic pesticide/fungicide spray but it's rained nearly everyday since I used the spray so I'll probably need to spray again. I hate those little creepy whiteflies, it seems like there are hundreds of them. I've read that marigolds can help get rid of them so I guess I need to get plant some marigolds in the garden.

So far the butternut squash, the watermelon, the cantaloupe and the summer squash seem to be growing the fastest, they're all in the same garden bed. I planted all of those from heirloom seeds that I bought from Seed Savers.

I'm still kind of nervous because I'm afraid my garden won't actually produce anything. But I've got my fingers crossed and I'm trying to be vigilante. Sadly my green peas have caught what I believe is some sort of root fungus. They started out really healthy but in the last few weeks they've wilted and their leaves have dried up.

My two cayenne pepper plants have some baby peppers on them and my tomatoes are starting to bloom too. The cucumbers, carrots and lettuce are still pretty tiny but hopefully they'll start getting bigger since it's gotten so warm in the last week.

Our hydrangeas are also blooming. When we first moved into the house last year the were all cut down to the base of the plant and they never bloomed last year because the morons that lived in our house before us had cut them down so far and hydrangeas bloom on new wood. But this year they are full of big heads and the best part is they're multi-colored. They're blue, pink and lavender. I love them. Growing up my mom had Nikko Blue ones and my grandmother had pink ones so I'm really excited to have multi-colored hydrangeas. Doug thinks that hydrangeas are "old lady plants," I have no idea why. Maybe the blue blooms remind him of blue-haired ladies?

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