Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Garden - Week 11 (I think)

Everything is growing, no confirmed casualties (yet). I'm still fighting the battle of the whiteflies. Slug problem has been taken of, new problem with horned tomato worms! I picked three off of my tomato plants in the past two days. Grrr. If it's not one thing its another. Despite the tomato worms I found my first teeny, tiny green tomato yesterday. It's from one of the heirloom tomato plants, either Cherokee Purple or German something, I can't quite remember.

The cucumber is also getting pretty tall, I have commissioned Doug to build some trellis frames for the cucumber and squash vines to grow on/up. I should have those by the end of the weekend. The butternut squash is growing wildly, it hasn't bloomed yet but I can see the buds on the vines. I need to give everything a good spray of insecticidal soap to treat those horrible whiteflies and anything else that might be crawling around on the leaves. The carrots are also pretty big too. The tops really look like carrots now. It's amazing to me that just a few months ago I planted most of these things (cucumber, squash, melons, carrots) from seeds and now they're huge. Here's to hoping they continue to grow and aren't overrun with an investation of anything awful.


bridgmanpottery said...

Is this your first garden? It's growing so lusciously!

Barbara said...

Looks beautiful! Those tomato hornworms are pretty but boy do they eat a lot! Picking them off seems to work best for us, too.

Every year I am amazed all over again at how seeds and plants WANT TO GROW! It's a miracle...

Of course, the bugs all want to grow too. You might look into ways to attract beneficial insects that prey on other (less beneficial) insects.