Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A few finished objects

I never blogged about it but I finished my Green Gable sweater back in June, it really was a quick knit once I got the hang of that top lace portion. The bottom stockinette got a little boring after awhile but it went quickly. I like this sweater a lot but if I ever make it again I might do a long tail cast on to make the neckline higher and tighter and I would probably do some bust darts and a little more waist shaping. I still like it a lot, the Cotton Fleece is really nice to work with (it can be splitty but if you watch where you put your needle you’ll be fine). I especially like that I can put the Cotton Fleece in the dryer (on low of course).

I also completed the Le Slouch I’d be trying to make for months. I bought the Rowan Summer Tweed I used for it months ago, at Yarniverse’s Leap Day Sale. I thought the tweed would have a great texture and be cool (it’s silk and cotton) for a summer hat. The tweed does look nice but it’s a pain to work with. I also made it a little too slouchy, I didn’t pay close enough attention when I was knitting the stockinette part so it’s really too long. But oh well, it still looks cute.
Sunday I cast on for another one, this one done in seed stitch with the leftover blush colored Cotton Fleece I used for my Juliet sweater. I’m hoping to make it less slouchy and more beret like. I also hope to finish it in a week (hah!).

I’m thinking about casting on the Rusted Root sweater in the next week or so. But I want something big to take to the beach with me so I may wait until then to cast on. Or I might *finally* take the plunge and knit some socks. Maybe.


Steph said...

You're really good at knitting! I knit for fun sometimes when I have a knitting-craving.. but definitely nothing that can be actually worn. I mostly have random mini scarves big enough for dolls or stuffed animals.. haha

Jules Someone said...

Very nice stuff! I just finished a sweater and am looking to start another one. If you haven't knit socks before you should check out "Getting Started Knitting Socks" I used it to learn this spring, and it was great.