Monday, September 15, 2008

Sundays are such nice days

I think I’ve expressed my love for Sundays before but I’ll do it again. Routines make me happy and Doug and I have our little Sunday morning routine and it makes me really happy - a pot of coffee and watching CBS Sunday morning together. Sundays are usually are lazy days, I work on whatever crafty project I’m doing or I bake and Doug works out in his shop or works on one of his building models. Yesterday was no exception to the Sunday rule. We did make a Super Target run around 10AM, which was fine but I got irritated by the cashier because when I gave her our reusable Target bags (that I bought there) and she sat them on the end of the counter and started putting our groceries on the end of the counter after scanning them. At first I thought “Oh she’s just waiting until there’s enough stuff to bag them” but then I realized she was expecting me to bag my own things just because we brought the reusable bags. It really made no sense; it’s the same amount of work, if not less because the reusable bags are bigger and hold more. It also kind of made me mad but I didn’t say anything but I thought it wasn’t worth it the trouble. The bright spot of the Super Target trip was that the Starbucks inside started selling Pumpkin Spice Lattes again. I love, love, love Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Monday through Friday I go to a local-chain coffee shop but during PSL season I sneak over to Starbucks on the weekends to get them. So I was pretty happy to have my first PSL of the season.

I also finished knitting a baby hat I started Saturday afternoon. It’s the Upside Daisy Hat from Itty Bitty Baby Hats. It’s for friends who are expecting a girl in November. It was a super quick and simple knit and it looks so stinking adorable I can’t stand it. I used Rowan All-Seasons Cotton, which is the same thing as Lion Brand Cotton Ease, so in retrospect I could have saved a little money if I had used Cotton Ease. I finished the knitting but I’m blocking the little petals right now and I still have to sew them on to the top but I should have that done by the end of the week.I also worked on my Lace Ribbon scarf some more. I finished up the first ball of yarn so I’ve got to knit through the second ball before it’s done. It really is a pretty easy lace pattern it just takes awhile to get some length on it. Speaking of knitting, the new fall Knitty came out last week and there are a few patterns I really like. Anne Shirley is a scarf and even though the last thing I need is another scarf I want to make it just because of the name. I was a huge Anne of Green Gables fan. I also love the Sidewinder skirt but I'm hesitant to knit a skirt, too many online horror stories of knitted skirts. And the Retrofit man sweater is something Doug would wear but it has seaming and I absolutely loathe seaming. But I might have to make the sacrifice.

Besides knitting and Target, we caught up on some DVR'd shows and a movie we bought a few weeks ago. I made the Lighter Beef Tacos from this month's Everyday Food for dinner and we watched the second of episode of the new HBO/Alan Ball show True Blood. It's entertaining, although it was hard for me to listen to Anna Paquin's accent at first. I'm probably oversensitive about fake Southern accents because I always worry I have an exaggerated accent too.


movie buff said...

True Blood resembles the show Heroes at first glance (just rented the first episode from Blockbuster), though it still feels mostly original... for some reason this show makes me want to eat Cajun food and drink cheap beer

April said...

I've never actually watched Heroes but I see the previews all the time. I do have a craving for red beans and rice and andouille :)