Sunday, September 21, 2008

Wasn't it just Friday?

How can the weekend possibly be over?

Doug and I have enjoyed it, Friday night we drove to Covington to see a high school football game. We were supposed to go with my friend Amanda and her husband but something came up and they couldn't come. So instead Doug and I meet up with my mom to eat dinner before the game. I ran into two different people I knew but hadn't seen in years there. In Covington there aren't as many dining choices as there are in Memphis but there are more restaurants now than there were when I was growing up there. We ate at a cafe that would be best described as a greasy spoon. They're open for dinner one night a week and the rest of the week they're only open for lunch. My mom and I both had cheeseburgers and onion rings and Doug had a grilled ham and cheese sandwich. It was all great tasting but the portions were huge.

After dinner we drove over the game, which was actually the Homecoming game. I couldn't believe how young the kids look, I suppose its because I'm so much older now. Being at the game brought back memories of my marching band days, I did have a lot of fun in band whether I like to admit it or not. The hometeam did not win the game but we liked the people watching.
Saturday morning we went to watch this shooting thing that one of Doug's co-workers and his wife do. It's some type of recreational gun shooting thing but with costumes, kind of like if the Renaissance Faire people had guns and dressed wild west style. It, interesting? Not my cup of tea but they all really seemed to enjoy themselves. After the shooting thing we went to two different Pier 1 stores in search of this wicker loveseat I fell in love with online. Neither store had it of course so my dreams of sitting on my patio in a cushy piece of wicker furniture were dashed.

For dinner I made the Broccoli Chowder with Corn and Bacon from this month's Everyday Food. It was really delicious and it relatively healthy. I subbed fat free half and half for the whole milk but kept the rest of the recipe the same. Doug approved of it too, even though it was soup. When we first met he was not a fan of soup/stew/chowder/bisque but he's gradually come around.
We watched Sweeny Todd last night too. We had intended to see it in the theater but for some reason we missed it so we bought it on In Demand. It was pretty good, the sets and costumes were really gorgeous and I love Helena Bonham Carter. After the movie was over I got the urge to make chocolate chip cookies. I used this recipe on the back of the Ghirardelli bag. I used Milk Chocolate chips instead of the bittersweet chocolate chips, subbed 1 cup of whole wheat flour for white flour and the recipe called for 2 sticks of butter but I only used 1 stick and 2 tbsp. They turned out cake-y, which is exactly how I prefer my cookies.
I didn't make my TWD selection over the weekend so I'll be baking it tomorrow night. I bought the plums I needed for the recipe but I also need brown sugar and I didn't have enough because I used what I had for the cookies last night. The recipe is Dimply Plum Cake and I'm going to try to make two individual cakes instead of a full-sized one but that requires me to do math so we'll see how that goes.

Oh and this was a Friday thing but it'll put it at the end anyway. I listen to the Lime & Violet knitting podcast and in addition to selling yarn Violet has started to do handmade soap and perfume oils via their Happy Housewife site. You can order a six-pack of scent samples so I ordered the samples so I could decide on a scent before I bought a full sized bottle. The samples came on Friday and I am in love. I still can't decide which one I want a full bottle of. I think I'll order some of their soaps for Christmas gifts. I got Afternoon's Baking, Farmgirl, OMFG Zombiez, The Freshman, Sunday Longing & State Fair. So far Farmgirl is my favorite, it's not like the perfumes I normally wear, very unique scents.

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