Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cold weather hats (for our non-existent cold weather)

It has slowly been getting cooler around here, and in fact this past weekend it was actually cold. But alas it doesn't last very long. The temperatures are going to be in the low 70's for the next week. Gah. Anyone who knows me knows I hate the hot weather and long to live in a cooler climate. This is especially true because being a knitter in Memphis it's only really cold enough for wool for maybe 3-4 months. And I distinctly remember a New Year's Eve in the last few years where I ate on the patio of a restaurant in flip flops.

Despite the lack of cold weather I've gone right ahead and knit some wool hats. I wrote about finishing the Robin's Egg Blue hat but I didn't post a pic, so here it is. I was having a bad face day.
And I also knit up Soule Mama's Favorite hat, it took almost no time and almost no yarn. I used Manos del Uruguay in this blushy color. I really like it, I might have done one more lace repeat though because my head is a little big.
Doug had also requested a hat and I found a simple ribbed hat pattern from Frugal Knitting Haus via Ravelry. I used Mission Falls superwash wool in chocolate. I think I must have gotten a couple of bad balls because it was pretty knotty and the twist came apart in several places. It's a really soft yarn but it was a total PIA to work with. Doug's still happy with his hat (despite his expression)In non-hat news, we were at the local comic book store last week and if we go in there Doug insists we buy something because he wants to support local businesses (which is completely fine with me). So we skipped over the comics and went for a graphic novel. He already has a decent stack of them (mostly Daniel Clowes). We bought Summer Blonde by Adrian Tomine. I haven't been reading very much lately but I picked it up tonight and it looks pretty good. I was never into comic books but most of what Doug has seems interesting

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bridgmanpottery said...

love the hats- I got out all of our woolies to wash and air dry this week- the day before our cold snap.

The flip side to no cold is that we can have a garden year round. . . . Though I have to say that I've been craving some fetchings for driving to work in the mornings. As soon as I finish my socktober/vember