Monday, October 13, 2008

The garden in the fall

So I've been lax about posting what's happening in my vegetable garden because really it's been pretty disappointing. After we got back from vacation in mid-August I found that squash vine borers took over and killed all of my squash vines and my cucumber. I was able to salvage a single baby butternut squash and later used it in my soup (see below). The cucumber vine had already produced lots of cucumbers so I wasn't too broken up about it, and the zucchini and summer squash weren't really producing much more than a small squash or two. Since then there hasn't been a lot growing, except for the herbs and the tomatoes. Almost all of my tomatoes are still producing blooms and little green tomatoes. Our temps are still in the mid-80's so I'll probably still have tomatoes through the end of the month. These are little sundrop tomatoes I planted from seed. I can't believe they actually made tomatoes, back in the early summer they were barely hanging on, I almost pulled them out.
This a German Striped tomato, I bought these as small plants from Dan West Garden Center here in Memphis. They've done pretty well.
These are Roma's, also bought as small plants at Dan West. These have been my best producer of all of the tomatoes.
And here's a pimento pepper, I bought two seedlings at Lowe's and this is the first pepper either plant has produced.
My basil is still green and it's as tall as my waist (about 2.5 feet)
All the other herbs are still growing too, as well as my carrots. I pulled out a few carrots two weekends ago, they were small but tasty.
Having been my first vegetable garden I think it did okay. I learned a lot and I'm satisfied with what it produced, considering I used no chemicals or unnatural sprays/fertilizers/foods. Next year I'm going to attempt to double the size and start planting a little before the frost date. I want to try to do potatoes and more lettuces next year too.

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