Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fun mail

I love getting mail. Only fun mail though, the bills and insurance EOB's are not my idea of fun mail. I've ordered a few things lately and always get a thrill when I come home and I have a little package (this can be dangerous to my bank account however). Recently I got the following:

- Felt Circle necklace from Get Felt Up on Etsy (only $12.00!) Her stuff is so cute and affordable.- A collection of socks from Sock Dreams. I have been coveting nearly everything in this store for awhile and then a friend ordered some and that encouraged me to take the plunge and order. Most of their socks are made in the USA and shipping is free in the US. I really like all of the ones I ordered. There are a couple of pairs that are really, really long, but that is not their fault. I'm 5'2 and have short, stumpy legs.- Baking goodies from Bake It Pretty. She has got such a sweet collection of packaging, decorations, tools and little 'extras'. I bought two cookie cutters - a mushroom and a US map (I had a Inauguration day plan for this but ended up not having enough time), a frosting tip for cupcakes, cupcake liners and a package of old fashioned valentines. I'm contemplating ordering this candy mold, maybe for Easter? It looks very Spring-like.-Ball winder from Knit Picks. Doug built me a swift and he thought he could come up with some type of ball winder but I got impatient and just ordered one from Knit Picks. Now I make my own yarn 'cakes'. Sweet. (that's Fleece Artist Trail Sock on the winder)- This tunic dress from AD LOVE on Etsy. I love, love, love it. I don't know if I'm hip enough to pull it off but I don't really care at this point.

I did not get this in the mail but I downloaded some music from the Mountain Goats a few weeks ago. I 'found' their songs while watching Moral Orel on Adult Swim. It's hard to acurately describe Moral Orel. It's odd and sad/funny/beautiful and really twisted. The Moutain Goats had a few songs on the show and I dug around and found their music and was immediately drawn to it. Their Wikipedia page better describes the music and the songs.


Stacey M. said...

I think you are totally hip enough to pull it off. This old lady might have to copy you and try to be hip too! Add one of your sassy berets and you've got it...

Look for an invite in the inbox...something you might enjoy!

check out the new blog too...I've been without my laptop for almost 2 weeks and had to switch to Wordpress.

Roseyolo said...

Ah, I'm 5'2" as well! Buying pants is so annoying...

Also I love specialty socks. I was just looking at the site, too--and they have an $80 pair. Crazy.

bridgmanpottery said...

that's the ball winder I have, too! I love it.
I'm so happy to be back in blog land. I felt disconnected.