Monday, January 05, 2009

So this is the new year...

Yes, I am using song lyrics for post titles now. I'm running out of original ideas. So, 2009, woohoo! This is a big celebration year. Our 5 year wedding anniversary is in February, my 28th birthday is in April and Doug's 40th birthday is in July. 28 is not that big of a deal but 40 is. I'm already pondering ways to celebrate Doug's milestone.

Last year I made a massive list of New Year's resolutions, really they were things I wanted to accomplish in 2008. The list was broken down into sections like "Financial", "Spiritual", "Physical", "Homekeeping", "Crafting", "Travel", "Doing Good", etc. Truthfully I did accomplish a few things on the list but others I did not. This year I'm lowering my expectations. A lot of that has to do with me becoming happier with the person I am and not looking so much to change. I'm about a million miles from being anywhere close to perfect and there's always room for improvement but I am much happier with myself than I was a year ago.

This year I hope to travel more, donate more money to worthwhile organizations, lessen my impact on environment, finally learn how to ride my pink bike, knit socks, sew a skirt, enlarge my garden, buy more food locally and volunteer more frequently. I'm also going to start taking better advantage of the opportunities I have, whenever I have them. Sometimes it's okay to leap before you look.
On an unrelated note, I've been wearing this song out on my iPod this weekend (don't judge). I have a crush on Wayne Coyne. Lyrics found here.


bridgmanpottery said...

Nash just said he would be happy to teach you how to ride your bike!

Stacey M. said...

Ha...that song is on my iPod too and in one of my favorite "Road Songs" playlists.

Roseyolo on ravelry said...

Another "Rose" who is in Memphis and can't ride a bike in her mid-20's?

It's nice to know I'm not alone, hah.

Just saw you on ravelry and went to your blog.

lynseym said...

i love you and i love this post. i feel the same. we're building friendships that are making us better people, even if we are bad people deep down (for kicking people out of our group.) :)