Monday, April 06, 2009

Spring wishful shopping

With spring and the warmer weather I'm pulling out my clothes and taking a long hard look at what I want to keep, get rid of and replace. Realistically, my budget is pretty small but it doesn't stop me from stalking Etsy for things I'd really love to add to my wardrobe...

Red Medallion scarf from maryink
Little Bits Tee Dress from Ellaina Boutique
Emma necklace from Elizabeth WilliamsCameo Tee from Eliza+Axel
1950's vintage dress from A Touch of Vintage
(this is waaay too small for me but I adore the shape and the color, swoon.)
Vintage Embroidered Blouse from Plant Claire Vintage

I went ahead and bought this great pin from In a Frenzy, it's really lovely. I think I might ask the birthday fairy for some hairpins too.
And not that I'm going to actually be sewing it, but I if did I would love to make this dress (minus the beads around the neck) in this fabric.

Right now I'm a little obsessed with headwraps/bands/scarves. I found some great things for cheap at an estate sale recently. The orange one is my favorite. The polka dot one is almost too small for my noggin.


bridgmanpottery said...

you are too too cute. love the pin.

Emily said...

I love it all. Especially that dress! Too bad I can't sew.

lynseym said...

I got some exact same hair pins but from a girl near Jackson TN and she sent me an extra since I'm memphian!