Thursday, May 21, 2009

More pictures than words

I've fallen down on the job of posting. I have things to say, just not enough time to say them. Also I skipped out on TWD this week. The selection was Mango Bread and I just wasn't feeling it.
Until I have time to write out more coherent thoughts here are some pictures to distract you.

Lovely egg cups (a birthday gift, lucky me!) from my sweet friend Melissa. The giant eraser was .25 cents at an estate sale last weekend, a vintage copy of my favorite book ever "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" - $1.00 at an estate sale down the street from me two weekends ago and another vintage book - a Nancy Drew book I've had forever. My mom brought it to me Mother's Day weekend, my great-uncle sent me that book when I was a tween and really into Nancy Drew. A little collection of things I'm starting on the living room wall. I bought the 'B' at a big box craft store and painted it brown, the skeleton key and small framed print I bought at yet another estate sale last weekend and the embroidered 'Do Not Want' was made for me (birthday gift) by one of my awesome friends, Christiana. More estate sale find, lace trim, rick-rack, needles and some little embroidered squares "To Mother." When I saw those it made me a little sad and I had to buy them. A baking handbook from my other awesome friend Lynsey, recipes for all sorts of fabulous classic desserts in there. Oh and they spell cookie 'cooky'. Love!Finally, my knit group (Memphis Knit Mafia, we're on Facebook!) installed our first piece of knit 'graffiti' last week at our favorite hangout, Cafe Eclectic. It was so fun, this is me taking my turn at securing the pole cozy to the old telephone pole we put it on. These women are the best and they've Tuesdays my favorite day of the week.


pinkstripes said...

Looks like you've been having fun. The old baking book sounds very interesting.

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lynseym said...

i'm working on something special for you! it kinda matches your bike!

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