Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Garden Update: Week 13.5

I harvested my first cucumber last Sunday, which I promptly used for a cucumber salad. I also picked the last few mature beans and gave them to my mom because we were kind of 'beaned out' for now. They're blooming again so I'm sure they'll be more beans in no time.Tomatoes are getting so tall, still only little green tomatoes though. The Green Zebra Stripe tomato plants are dying though? I have no clue why, they're in the same bed as the other tomatoes and they all seem to be doing well?Eggplants are getting bigger and more have started...Bush beans have teeny tiny beans on them
All the squash relations (cucumber, butternut & pumpkin) have developed what appears to be powdery mildew. I'm going to attempt an organic remedy for this, we'll see if it works. All the little cucumbers are growing in misshapen and discolored and I'm sure it's from the mildew.Roma tomato (from the compost tomato plant) is ripening
Bell peppers are starting to ripen tooEverything else is growing no really significant changes just bigger and/or bushier.

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