Monday, July 20, 2009

Weekend in pictures

Ate cherries, lots and lots of cherries (using the berry bowl from Bridgman Pottery!)
Spent 80% of the weekend knitting in an attempt to finish up my Ophelia cardigan. Casting off today, seaming & blocking tonight and maybe, just maybe, I can wear it tomorrow night.
Drank grape soda in a glass bottle. Had forgotten how good grape soda in a glass bottle is.

Cooked some tasty things, including Shrimp and Grits (used Bobby Flay's recipe), Cherry-Almond Cake (from Martha) and threw together a mozzarella, tomato & basil pizza. And we are more purple pole beans from the garden. Yum.
It was bizarro world in Memphis the last few days. The humidity was practically non-existent and the weather was so gorgeous and the highs were in the 80's, almost unheard of in the middle of July. I tried to spent as much time as possible in my red wicker chair outside. Mosquitoes were unfazed though and still found time to munch on me.


TeaLady said...

Busy Lady!

Mellz (less apathy.more cake) said...

everything looks so good! the weather has been great, hasn't it!? i love it...