Sunday, August 02, 2009

Battered Suitcases Part II

So here's the second part of my Pacific Northwest adventure.

Saturday I got up early, planned my bus route and headed to Division/Clinton Streets where they were having a street fair. I had to change buses on this trip, not too much of a pain. though I had a mocha and a scone at Flying Cat Coffee and spent a good hour walking up and down Division Street. There were a few thrift stores and a few other random spots I poked around in. I picked up some vintage hankies at Time Bomb Vintage, had organic lemonade, watched the street parade and got a shot of the mayor of Portland riding a bike. Also this dude who was dressed as a ladybug...
Lunch was eaten at Little T American Baker, which was crowded (as any place would be on a Saturday at brunch/lunch time) but was sleek, modern and very affordable. I had quiche and a salad. Pix Patisserie was on my list to visit for macarons but they were having an ice cream social that day so I didn't get any macarons.
That afternoon I headed back to the Alberta neighborhood to go to Bolt and Close Knit. Both shops were small but filled with gorgeous yarns and fabrics. At Bolt I bought one of the Colette patterns I've been stalking online. I'm months, maybe many months, away from being able to actually sew this pattern but I can still look at it longingly. Close Knit was having a sale yet I still only bought one hank of yarn. Seriously. Lynsey and I met up again and grabbed a snack at Fuel Cafe (my snack was actually a huge spinach salad). And we ended up back at Random Order and this time I got a piece of strawberry rhubarb pie, which I later ate with my hand in my hotel room because I didn't have a fork.

Saturday night Ted's band, Satan's Pilgrims, played at Doug Fir, which conveniently was a part of my hotel. They were excellent but I left early because the combination of sunburn + alcohol made me a little woozy.
Sunday I had breakfast at Doug Fir before taking a cab to the train station to travel back to Seattle. Again a nice train trip, still no window seat though. My friend Regina picked me up at the station in Seattle and took me to West Seattle, where there's a beach and a string of restaurants/shops. We spent the afternoon catching up, having fish and chips, coffee and cake before I had to go check-in at the lovely Holiday Inn since I had a 6AM flight. It would have been even lovelier if room #706 had a been a little less 'rambunctious'.
I made it back to Memphis safely on Monday night, after a short delay in Dallas. My PNW trip was fantastic and I have such sweet and thoughtful friends to thank. Hopefully Doug will be able to come with me next time and maybe we can make it to the coast, I'm dying to go to Astoria (Goonies anyone?)

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