Monday, August 24, 2009

More weekend pictures

Laziness wins, so here are few words and more pictures of the weekend, Sunday more specifically.

Spent a sunny morning with coffee and lemon-poppy seed muffins (Dorie's recipe) with a smattering of strawberry jam homemade from a friend.Worked on finishing the Francis sweater from last spring, it needs sleeves and the cowl. I forgot how soft the alpaca/wool is, I'm ready for weather cold enough to wear it in.
Made more vanilla ice cream, half later swirled with salted caramel and the other half swirled with a fig/honey compote. (the fig compote looks like lipstick marks in the vanilla)Picked more little tomatoes, a few beans and herbs from the garden
Baked a graham cracker crust for tomorrow's TWD.


Mellz said...

that vanilla ice cream look soooo good! how do you find the time to make so many things :)

Anonymous said...

It does look like lipstick marks on the ice cream. How funny! Great pictures.

Beegirl said...

Thanks so much for stopping by the "Burbs" to say hello! So nice to meet you! I love those mugs! So adorable. Your brownies look de-lish BTW..!! Happy Tuesday to you!