Monday, September 21, 2009

Movie #1

So we watched our first 85-Movie-in-85-Weeks film on Friday night, I had gotten "Yankee Doodle Dandy" from Netflix and since it's the last (#100 on the AFI list) movie on the list we watched it first. After this I doubt we'll go in order though. Yankee Doodle Dandy is a picture based on the life of George M. Cohan with James Cagney playing Cohan. Neither one of us knew who George Cohan was so it was a little bit like a entertainment history lesson. Cohan penned numerous songs most well known to me were "Give My Regards to Broadway", "You're a Grand Old Flag" and the World War I anthem "Over There". The movie was black and white, a little over 2 hours and had lots of singing and dancing. We liked it AND I managed to sit through the entire thing without getting too antsy. Yay me.

I was really busy this weekend but I did find time to bake up my first loaf of pumpkin bread of the year (it still is nowhere near feeling like fall here) and I made homemade pimento and cheese. For the pumpkin bread I used this recipe, it's my favorite pumpkin bread recipe, although I ran out of powdered ginger and had to use the last of my crystallized ginger. I really enjoy mixing in toasted pumpkin seeds with the batter too but I didn't have any on hand so it was bare. I made one loaf of bread and then used the remaining batter for muffins.
Pimento cheese is a Southern thing, I don't think other regions eat it, although I might be wrong. I grew up eating pimento cheese sandwiches, my Nannie has toasted hers before and that makes them even better. It's just shredded sharp cheese + mayo + pimento peppers + salt/pepper. The end. I have two pimento plants in the garden and one of them finally produced some lovely ripe, red peppers last week. I seized the opportunity to make homemade pimento cheese. I used half regular sharp cheddar and half sharp white cheddar and a sprinkle of Emeril's Essence seasoning, plus the mayo and diced pepper. Then I promptly ate a sandwich on Bunny Bread, the only bread to eat pimento cheese on.

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