Monday, February 01, 2010

Iced in

Alright Memphis folks, did you survive the ice? I got to go home a little early Friday, made it back safely and did not leave the house again until this morning. Friday afternoon I knit and we watched the ice/snow/sleet come down. I had gone to the store Friday morning before the icydeath started so we had supplies (toilet paper, cat food, chocolate chips, chicken).
Inspired by Rebecca at Ezra Pound Cake (who lives in Nashville) I made a chocolate-chip skillet cookie. It was gooood but I always find it's a total PIA to clean my cast-iron skillet after using it.
By Saturday morning all the ice/snow had stopped and the left our street an ice-rink. So I slapped some pancake batter together and knit and knit and knit. In the afternoon I ventured out to take a few pictures. This tree that sits right between our driveway and our neighbor's fence got top-heavy and flopped over on top of the Jeep. It didn't damage anything and it needs to be trimmed back anyway. We were lucky nothing large came falling down, only some small limbs in the backyard and a few on the roof.

The rest of the weekend we spent housebound, watching bad television, knitting (Doug made lures) and reading. When we were in Nashville a few weeks ago I bought two other Betty Smith books I didn't own. I've read three of her books many times but it didn't stop me from picking up Maggie-Now and reading a few chapters.


sarahe said...

we had tons of snow (in bowling green, KY) and it was so lovely! I did much of the same over the weekend--baking and knitting and cuddling. perfect!

lynseym said...

what a lovely weekend! i need an iced in weekend like that!

jenelisebeth said...

Yes, we survived as well. If Memphis would just invest in a few more salt trucks/plows we wouldn't have had that mess, I think. But glad to hear that I wasn't the only one who baked a lot that weekend!