Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Red Velvet

I have my friend Christiana to thank for this one. We were at Republic Coffee last Tuesday and she wanted a piece of Red Velvet cake but they were out. To which I said "I should make a Red Velvet cake" and she said "Why haven't you?!" So I did. I think I vaguely remember making a RVC once before but it was probably waaay back. For this one I made cupcakes, using the RVC recipe from the Sweet Melissa book, but halved. The cupcakes came out well, the last batch got left in the oven a little bit long though and developed an extra crunchy top. I fixed that problem by sawing off the hard top and covering it up with the cream cheese icing. I liked these but I still think they were missing something. I was pondering melting a little semi-sweet chocolate to add, but I don't know how badly that would throw off the red color.

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