Monday, March 22, 2010

Laptop love

I spent part of the weekend setting up and playing with my new toy...It's super sweet to have a laptop now, our desktop is going on eight years old and is really showing it's wear. The color settings are screwed up on it so I could never tell if my pictures were too dark/too light, not clear enough, etc. The new computer is a Sony Vaio and the screen is so clear and bright and generally fabulous. I spent a couple of frustrating hours trying to connect to our wireless network Saturday night before calling Comcast to learn our wireless settings weren't compatible with the laptop's operating system (Windows 7). Luckily (and surprisingly) Comcast was able to help me change our settings and get the problem fixed in less than ten minutes.

I was dreading trying to relocate my iTunes library but was again pleasantly surprised to find an easy solution. iTunes now has a Home Sharing option so I was able to copy my music library from the desktop to the laptop painlessly via our wireless network and by making a few clicks in my iTunes account.

With the laptop I can finally use Hulu and waste a little time watching tv online. Did you know you can watch things like old episodes of Doogie Howser, St. Elsewhere and My So-Called Life?! (and other things... like um, Teen Mom on MTV...)

Oh and here's something else I've been wasting time watching online, although it's not as potentially brain-rotting as anything on MTV might be.

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Gwen said...

One you go Laptop, you never go back!