Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Garden 2011 - Week 7/8

I can't remember what actual week I'm on, either 7 or 8. Eh, anyway, while we were gone my kind brother came over and kept all of our cats fed, watered and with a clean litterbox and he watered my plants/garden. Yay for brothers!

Everything exploded while we were gone. Tendrils are reaching out for something to climb up and onto, tomatoes are flowering and growing, cucumbers and beans are blooming, etc. I do appear to have a pest problem, what kind of pest I'm not sure, I did catch a glimpse of something that looks like a pink/iridescent ladybug. At any rate something(s) have been nibbling on my morning glory, okra, beans and zinnias. I sprayed some insecticidal soap on Monday and because of the rain/watering I'll need to reapply this weekend. I also need to stake my tomatoes too but Lowe's was out of the right size of bamboo poles so off to Home Depot I need to go. 

Morning Glory/Okra/Bachelor Buttons/Carrots

Lemon Boy Tomato
Doug's grapes (Concord & Red Flame)
In the flower bed  my newest cone flower has bloomed and so has my double Rose of Sharon. 
The potato vine and petunias were looking a little sickly but extra water and deadheading the petunias seemed to help. 

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Sarah said...

Everything looks great! I have a lemon boy plant too but there is no fruit on it :(