Monday, June 25, 2012

Garden Update #2

It's been very warm so the garden has been growing pretty well. We also had two days of heavy rainfall last week which probably kicked things into gear too.

Some of the wildflowers have started to bloom, even though the Morning Glory looks like it's threatening to choke out a few of them.

The two happy squash plants are producing tiny baby squash. The other two plants seem to be growth-stunted.
The dill is blooming and the lemon verbana is trying to take over. (they're to the right in this picture)

We caged the tomatoes and I'm hoping that the Mortgage Lifters will perk up now that they're off the soil. The cherry varieties are making lots of green tomatoes and a few ripe ones.

I still have one empty bed (at the front) but I may put down some bean seeds in it since our growing season lasts into October.

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