Sunday, November 18, 2012

Fall knitting updates

I finished the Molly hat, just in time for cooler weather. It's very fall, from the persimmon/cinnamon color of the yarn to the cable and textured stitches. Normally it wouldn't have taken me more than a week to knit but it's harder for me to find knitting time so it took about twice that. The pattern is well-written and I'd definitely use it again.

For my next project, which will probably take forever to complete, I cast on the Estelle sweater from Melissa Labarre, using Quince & Co. Lark yarn. It's an open front cardigan with fan and feather trim and some midsection ribbing. I'm almost ready to pull off the sleeves so I'm hoping it will go fairly quickly. I had bought the yarn last year and never found the time to start it until now. When we reorganized the house most of my stash went to live in bins in our backhouse/storage area so it's fun to go 'shopping' in the back because I've forgotten about a lot of skeins.
My holiday knitting is going to be minimal this year. I want to knit matching hats for Doug and George and I think I've found a pattern that will work for dad and baby. Our eldest niece has requested a hat in cream colored yarn so I need to get on that too. And maybe, a cowl or two for George's daycare 'teachers'.

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Sarah said...

Beautiful fall hat! It looks mahvelous on you :)