Monday, May 14, 2007

Flowers I've planted that haven't died.....yet

So now that we've bought a house I've been trying to plant some flowers in an effort to make the place look nice. My green thumb is a little brown, I have a tendency to plant things and then neglect them, especially in the middle of the Memphis summer when its about eight thousand degrees. But I've been doing better. This is the sunflower I bought at the plant sale at the Lichterman Nature Center in April, it's about to be in full-bloom.

There's another one that's also opening up but it's a tad shorter. All I've done is plant it in the ground and water it. It's in an especially sunny spot so that's helped a lot too.

I also planted a red geranium and some dusty miller in a pot and set them on the patio. They're thriving too with water and a sunny spot. They even survived the cold snap we had in the middle of April:
So while I don't have my grandmother or my mother's green thumbs I'm doing okay so far.

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