Sunday, September 30, 2007

Things I made this weekend

In an effort to de-stress from the last few weeks of work I did a lot of cooking and making-of-things this weekend. Friday night I made homemade Mac & Cheese, with Munster, Havarti & Sharp White Cheddar. It was sooo good, I don't even want to think about how many calories it had.

Yesterday, I started work on my napkins, aka 'my first sewing project'. My mother came over Thursday to show me how to work the thing and I picked out a supposedly 'easy' project from this month's Martha mag. I'm sure it's easy for someone who can cut straight lines. I washed my fabric and ironed it (per mom's instructions) then began the tedious task of pinning rickrack all around the edges of the napkin square. I pinned some of it too close to the edge of the fabric so as I sewed it on some of the sewing missed some of the rickrack. So maybe the first napkin is the learning one and the second one will be better? I hope. I've already started pinning the rickrack on napkin #2.

In an effort to try to pretend it's fall since the 89-degree weather is anything but fall-like, I bought some ornamental cabbage, pansies and violas to plant for the front porch. Who knew cabbage could be so pretty? The one in the planter is called "Osaka Pink" and as it grows it will get pinker in the center of the head.

Also, in an effort to bring on fall, I got out my Halloween decorations. Usually I find cartoon characters as holiday displays irritating but I love Peanuts. So I have two of the Halloween displays. Watching "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" and "A Charlie Brown Christmas" is one of my favorite things about the holidays. It's something I've watched consistently since I was a child. I think it's just comforting that it's something that doesn't change from year to year. You can always count on seeing poor Charlie Brown getting rocks in his candy bag.

Today I rounded out my weekend of making things with making chocolate chip cookies (with some Heath Bar chips added) We now have cookies for days. I should have halved the recipe because I ended up being a slave to the oven for two hours, waiting on cookies to bake, cool and repeat. But they're delicious, if not a little bit crispy.

In the midst of all my making of things, I found time to become engrossed in a teen drama on "The N" network. When I was little we didn't have cable so we watched a whole lot of PBS. One of the shows on PBS in the mid-'80's was Degrassi Junior High about Canadian teenagers in high school. Well years later the creators started another show "Degrassi: the Next Generation". I started watching it Friday night while the husband was away and I'm ashamed to admit I'm now hooked. Who doesn't love a good teen drama?

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