Monday, September 24, 2007


Lately I've developed a desire to be super-crafty. I've always been somewhat crafty (as is my mother, maybe it's genetic?) but in the last few months I've become obsessed with "homemade". I've been knitting but I also wanted to learn how to sew, so I bought a refurbished Brother from Ebay. Of course the only thing I've managed to do is to get it threaded. Every time I try to sew it eats the fabric and thread. My mother is coming over Thursday to hopefully show me how to use the thing. I've already bought some fabric and a book. I have dreams of making throw pillows, curtains and skirts...

In my search of wonderful homemade goodies the husband and I drove to Chicago last weekend to go to the Renegade Craft Fair. It was pretty awesome, I'm an Etsy-addict so this only fed my addiction. I managed not to buy everything I wanted but I did come away with hand-dyed yarn, some birdie barrettes, two tiny hand-stamped pillows, some Sublime Stitching transfers and a signature Renegade tote.

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