Friday, September 21, 2007

Reasons I am Grouchy Today

  1. I have to work tomorrow (Saturday) from 8:15AM until Noon handing out cards to people who don’t want them. Fun.
  2. Office Depot copy chick won’t have my posters ready until 5PM, this is a problem because the office closes at 3PM so this means my posters can’t go up until Monday.
  3. Tomorrow is going to be H.E.L.L. I have to work until noon, then we’re driving to Covington for Heritage Day then driving back home to hang out with our friends tomorrow night – at our house – which I have to clean – tonight. *sob*
  4. I have a lot of zits sprouting up.
  5. It’s really hot outside.
  6. It’s really hot outside and it’s September 21.
  7. I have to go to Target after work for SOS pads, sponges, bottled water and cat food. For some reason the Target in my ‘hood is always overrun with people at 3:00 in the afternoon of Friday. Why?

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