Sunday, February 10, 2008

Finished Objects

I've been intending to write this post for several weeks but hadn't gotten around to it until now and now I have more finished stuff for this year.

I present my first, second, third, fourth & fifth finished knitting objects of 2008:

Doug's Tahki Donegal Tweed Scarf in Black

My Pick Up Sticks Felted Bell Hat, made with Cascade 220 in a deep red. My first felted project. It was super easy and quick. Looooove this hat. Love it even more because I made it with my own two little hands.

Scarf for David, modeled by Doug. This was supposed to be a Christmas gift but I ran out of the yarn and Yarniverse didn't have anymore in one of the colors so I had to search for it online and then order and then wait for it to come in, so it was more like a 'first week of February present'.

Next, was my 'Super Bowl' scarf. Just one skein of Lamb's Pride Bulky knit in stockinette until I ran out of yarn.

And finally, Calorimetry from It's a buttoned headband, I think it's cute but several other people I showed it to didn't care for it very much. Which is fine because I didn't make it for them. Blah.

Now that those are finished I have the yarn and patterns for several more things. Socks, several simple tank tops, an empire-waisted sweater and a few bags. I'm currently working on a little felted bag, knit in the round. I'm hoping it goes quickly so I can move on to the sweater, it's so cute I'm anxious to knit it. I'm really hoping to get a lot more knit this year than I did last year. This month marks my 2 year 'knit-a-versary' (as well as my 4 year wedding anniversary).

In other news, I planted some radishes and some butterhead lettuce today and I started my seedlings for broccoli, tomatoes, sweet peas & eggplant. I'm really hoping to baby them so they don't die. My goal is to have an organic garden this summer. Our super awesome yard crew is coming at the end of the month to clean up the backyard (i.e., getting rid of all the junk plants, shrubs, crappy monkey grass from hell and the two 'killing sheds' in the back yard, YAY!) As soon as that's done Doug's going to make my raised garden beds and I'll be able to plant my seedlings (provided they live). I ordered all of them from Seed Savers, they're all organic, heirloom seeds.

Doug is getting ready to fly out to Sao Paulo, Brazil tomorrow afternoon for work. Luckily, he'll only be gone until Friday. I'm saying a little prayer it will go smoothly. Brazil is not the safest place in the world and he is not a good flier. He does get to go to a lot of very cool places, Amsterdam, Brussels, Singapore and now Brazil. Soo lucky. One day I'm going with him (except to Brazil, I'm not really big on Brazil right now but Amsterdam and Brussels are totally on my list).

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