Sunday, June 15, 2008

My husband is wonderful because...

He built me a sweet little bookcase. I have more 'stuff' than I know what to do with. When I first wanted a craft room Doug built me a craft desk, big and wide with two big open shelves on either side of the base. He also built a hanging board for me to hand various crafty supplies on. I was inspired by this post from Alicia of Posie Gets Cozy. I loved the look of her bookcase. When I Googled 'pink bookcase' I found this lovely bookcase that cost a measly $520.50!!! I pestered Doug for two weeks to make me something similar and he had the time this weekend. Materials (for two bookcases but he only made one for right now) were about $80.00 total and it took him most of yesterday to cut it out and put it together and then it took me half of the day today to paint and seal it. But it looks great and I just *love* it. The picture isn't very good but it's painted 'Flower Petal Pink', a Martha Stewart collection color from Lowe's. And who doesn't need a pink bookcase?

This weekend has flown by, we went to dinner at Celtic Crossing in Cooper-Young Friday night and then went to a pottery sale by Melissa of Bridgman Pottery. I love, love, love her stuff, it's fantastic. We bought a mug/tumbler (but I might use it as a vase) and a berry bowl. But she has these wonderful herb markers and sea urchin vases and platters with ferns and little cups with bees. I loved everything there, I'm sure I'll be giving her more of my money in the future.

Saturday was WWKIP day and it was a lot of fun, I got to meet several people from Ravelry. Yesterday I also went to Stash because they were having a sock yarn sale and because I need to get some size 4 DPN's to finish off my Green Gable. I scored three skeins of pretty, pretty sock yarn. Now I just need to actually knit some socks. We went to World Market last night because my latest yarn purchase left me with no place to store my yarn and I needed another seagrass basket.Today I've painted, I've made my Tuesdays with Dorie selection for this Tuesday (and I didn't screw it up!), I bound off the bottom and one sleeve of my Green Gable and I've one more sleeve to finish plus some weaving in the ends. Pretty productive for a Sunday if I do say so myself.

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