Monday, July 07, 2008

A Long Weekend

Weekends seems to speed by with the ease of lighting, even long weekends. I took a vacation day on Thursday, but still had to come in Thursday morning for about an hour to complete the weekly newsletter and email. I spent the rest of the day grocery shopping for Friday’s cookout and cleaning the house with a little knitting in between. I also made the pie dough for this week’s Tuesdays with Dorie selection (Double Crusted Blueberry Pie!).

Friday morning Doug and I finished tidying up the house and I made the potato salad and got the burgers, sausages and corn ready for the grill. The family was due to arrive around one o’clock so I was in a mad dash to get the pie out of the oven and get everything ready. We had a nice time, there were only seven of us but it was fun. I served burgers with a little piece of cheese stuffed in them so it melted while they grilled, sausages, grilled corn, this low-fat potato salad recipe, chips & dip, the blueberry pie and my mom made a Pina Colada cake, which includes a can of coconut milk in it, so good! After the family cleared out Doug and I met our friends at their apartment in Germantown to walk over to the Germantown Municipal Park to watch the fireworks display. It was actually nice weather, overcast without the sun beating down on you. We threw some blankets on the grass and had a really good time eating bad food (Pronto Pups and funnel cakes) and just hanging out. The fireworks were great but they are really hard to photograph so I only got a few semi-decent shots. (I'm the non-blond below)

Saturday morning I always get up early and go walk the 5K trail at Shelby Farms with a friend before it gets unbearably hot. After I got home it started to rain and I got really tired and ended up taking a two and a half hour nap, which I almost never do. I know I probably needed the sleep but I woke up feeling like I had slept the day away. We had been invited to another cookout with more friends Saturday night and I was supposed to bring potato salad so I used this recipe and it turned out to be a hit. It was another nice night, the rain had made it cooler outside so it wasn’t so muggy. We hung around until the fireworks and then headed back home.

Sunday I made banana bread in the morning and we had our normal Sunday morning ritual of coffee and CBS Sunday morning. It was a very lazy day. Doug finished watching the third season of Deadwood that he borrowed from a co-worker and I caught up on some of my podcasts and got pretty far in knitting the hat I’m making for a friend who is leaving in two weeks. I also finished a cotton reusable grocery bag made from this Knitty pattern. We tried to finish the mound of leftovers we have from the weekend (sausages, potato salad and pie) and ended the night watching more Law & Order (we are so predictable).

Mondays after a long weekend are so hard; I just want to go back home and knit. My boss has been out of the country for a month and he is coming back this week so my quiet time in the office will be over. But I do have our Florida vacation (4 ½ weeks away!) to look forward to. I just want to sit on the beach, eat fresh crab and knit. I can’t wait to be lazy!

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