Monday, August 18, 2008

Recent Obsessions

  • The Twilight Series. I have to admit I kind of avoided this series because it’s so popular. I did the same thing with Harry Potter, I didn’t even start reading the books or seeing the movies until after “The Half Blood Prince” book came out.I think in my snobby way that I’m not going to give in to the ‘hype’ of a movie/book.Then I manage to read something and I get hooked.Which is totally what happened with the Twilight book. A few weeks ago Doug and I saw an interview with Stephenie Meyer, the author, on CBS Sunday Morning.Then I saw the movie preview and thought it looked fun, so on a whim I bought the Twilight book on Amazon to take with me on vacation.On Day 2 of sitting on the beach I put my knitting down and decided to pick up the book and see what all the hype was about it.I finished it the next afternoon and then promptly ordered the other two books from Amazon.(The fourth came out two weeks ago but I didn’t order it – yet)I had a *huge* obsession with Anne Rice’s vampire series as a 14/15 year old so this kind of reminded me of that, but in a different way.So hopefully no one will make fun of me for reading books that are considered in the ‘Young Adult’ category.I got a nice surprise when I got home today and found that the USPS had delivered my two books from Amazon.I know reading those books will seriously cut into my knitting time this week but I’m okay with that.
  • Death Cab for Cutie and Imogen Heap. I don’t know why these people were off of my radar but they were until the other day. I heard “When Soul Meets Body” on the radio just like everyone else and thought it was catchy but didn’t do much more investigating of the band. I happened to hear another one of their songs “I Will Follow You into the Dark” and went back and bought their last two CD’s on iTunes. Great music. I stumbled upon Imogen Heap on the Six Feet Under soundtrack and then heard “Hide and Seek” and now I can’t stop playing it on my iPod.
  • Nic’s Sticks from OPI. Nail polish in a little tube with a brush applicator – genius. Especially for people like me who are constantly knocking over bottles of polish on their hard, white tile floors. I’ve been nibbling my nails again recently so I’ve only used the clear polish so far.
  • Tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and basil. My dinner obsession since my tomatoes have started to come in. Nothing is tastier than a fresh tomato, some fresh basil, mozzarella and a little sea salt.
  • Making my own fonts. I haven't really researched this very far but I've been doodling in the sketch pad. I'm sure a few Google searches will direct me on how I can actually make a real font.


Bumblebutton said...

Hi there--haven't done it yet, but this looks like a good option, for $9!

Have fun!

Anne said...

I love Death Cab and Imogen Heap. Let me know if you figure out the font thing, I'd love to make one myself!