Friday, November 21, 2008

The post in which I show how much of a fangirl I really am

Can you hear me squeeing through the internet? Because I am. The Twilight movie opens today and I am going to the 6:40PM show. I have tried to keep my obsession to a minimum because I didn’t want to lose what teeny, tiny bit of cool quotient I had - but I give up. Twilight is like candy, I know it’s not good for me and it’ll give me cavities and it has no nutritional value but it tastes really, really good.

Just to prove how much my husband loves me he had actually agreed to go see the movie with me. Lucky for him however, a friend of mine has also been sucked in to the Twilight universe and we’re going together so we can squee without embarrassing our husbands.

If you yourself have yet to be sucked in, go check out Cleolinda to get your Twilight education. She is a genius and I bow down to her Twilight recaps and her general awesomeness.

And just for the lulz:


Teanna said...

SO JEALOUS! I want to see it tonight, but I have a wedding this weekend so I have to wait until next week! Hahaha

stacey m. said...

Thanks for a fun time! I enjoyed giggling, swooning, and the excitement of a night out.

Have a great time in NashVegas!

Hoping to bake and buy some FELT today...and maybe find an estate sale!