Monday, November 24, 2008

Another Nashville roadtrip

I love road trips, sometimes you just need to flee the city (whatever city it is) for a few hours. Sunday a friend of mine and I drove up to Nashville for the day. It was chilly and overcast but good driving weather. We went to the Nashville Farmer's Market, which wasn't as full of produce as it was in October, but had plenty of sweet potatoes, greens, apples and a few other things. I picked up sweet potatoes and apples for the meal on T-day.

We drove over to Hillsboro Village too, which is the area around Vanderbilt, and had lunch at Fido. It was packed but they had tasty food and pretty baked goods (still kicking myself for not ordering a piece of the Strawberry Balsamic cake!). There's a lot of little shops and restaurants on that strip, we found a great store called Pangaea that has jewelry, bags, clothes, even lamps. They also have a really pretty sign on the front of their building.
I got this awesome bracelet (literally) for $7 and some lip balm from Thistle Farms, which Melissa at Bridgman Pottery, posted about last week. I had to stop myself from buying more than that but I'm trying to save my funds for my Seattle trip.
We stopped in Bookman/Bookwoman, a tiny used book store that is packed to the gills with books. I didn't buy this book but took a picture because the cover called out to me.
Our final stop of the day was the newly open Trader Joe's. I had never been to one but had heard only good things about them. It was super busy, which was to be expected since it's only been open a couple of weeks. I bought some frozen meal type things, some Larabars that I'm slightly obsessed with and some peanut butter cups. I'm already planning a return trip with an extra large cooler, especially if the things I bought taste as good as they look.

Besides my excursion Sunday I spent Saturday morning making my terrariums, volunteering at WEVL's fall pledge drive and watching the Memphis Hustlin' Rollers' last bout of the year (they went undefeated for the season!) I bought these cheeky boy briefs there, how cute are they?
Oh and the Twilight movie was fantastic, it wasn't a word for word adaptation of the book but it was still swoon-worthy. Plus it was so much fun to go with someone who had read the books and 'knew' the story, thanks for being my partner in crime Stacey! They've already announced plans to make the second book, squee!

p.s. I usually don't go to Starbucks that often, I get my morning brew at High Point Coffee. But I happened to stop by Starbucks Saturday and tried their new Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate, OMG so good. Go try it, just don't look at how many calories it has.

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