Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Programming Note

I am doing my Tuesdays with Dorie selection (Thanksgiving Twofer Pie) this week but since it's a holiday pie we got special permission to post later this week. Look for my pie post on Friday!

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Stacey M. said...

Ok - you have to go into Starbucks. I know you are a High Point supporter and I probably would be too if there was one out here, but....the theme of this year's Christmas decor at the buck will DELIGHT you!

I hope your Tday is wonderful and all your culinary adventures are fulfilling and not stressful!

I'll be heading downstairs to make my crust shortly - 2 Twofer Pies coming up!

Oh...and I finished the final, the last..."and they lived happily forever after..." I need some fun read suggestions!