Monday, February 16, 2009

All my titles are beginning to sound the same

It was Valentine's Day weekend and I had intended to post on Saturday but got too busy doing other things. Saturday morning I got up early and headed to North Memphis to help a friend of mine with a community garden he's been working on. Essentially I spent the morning working with composted horse manure. I've felt like a massive slug lately so it felt good to be outside actually working, even if it was with manure. I'm paying for it now thought because my muscles are screaming at me. After I went home and cleaned the dirt off Doug and I had a late lunch at Lou's Pizza Pie in Cooper-Young. Great pizza, I was introduced to Lou's by a friend and it is extremely delicious. We also wandered over to Burke's Bookstore right down the street. Since we're working on soon-to-be library I wanted to add some classics to our book collection. We already have a ton of books but I'm of the mindset that you really can't ever have enough books.We also exchanged gifts, we never do anything big, usually just fun thing we know the other person will like. I bought Doug this Big Lebowski tshirt, he's a huge fan. He got me a Harlan T. Bobo record, so yes I am actually getting into this record player thing. V-day night we went to Cafe Eclectic and saw our friend's improv group.
Sunday I had a lunch dim sum date with some fabulous friends and we also hit a couple of estate sales. I got these doilies and again I haven't the foggiest idea what I'll do with them but I'm sure I'll figure something out.
I'm also working on another first sock. I'm beginning to be concerned that I'll never actually finish a complete sock. I've frogged the other first sock that was entirely ribbing. It seemed like no matter how much I knit on it and never got any longer. This is the Carolina pattern from Socktopia done in Lime & Violet Sasquatch sock yarn. The colorway is Marilyn Monroe, pinks and greens with a little pale yellow mixed in. I'm also worried because mine doesn't really look as crisp as the others I've seen on Ravelry. It does fit though, I tried it on. It just doesn't look that great, it could be destined for the frog pond.

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lynseym said...

i'm thinking hard on that anthropologie top with the lace panel. i think i need to find me some jersey.