Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Eat, drink and knit

I skipped out on TWD yesterday and I felt TERRIBLE about it. It's the first Tuesday I've missed since I started last May. But the timing was off, my mom's birthday was last week so I skipped ahead and made this coming week's selection (the cover cake). This week's selection was Floating Islands, picked by Shari. Go see her blog, Whisk: a food blog. It's wonderful, with stunning pictures and her presentation is always killer.
Even though I skipped out on making the Floating Islands my kitchen was still busy. I made the Devil's Food White Out Cake which is next week's TWD selection and it was a little labor intensive.
And I hosted a Memphis Knit Mafia gathering at my house last night for which I made chocolate marshmallows, these cupcakes, lemon puff pastry, broccoli, corn and potato chowder and a spinach salad. I even managed to make some (minimal) decorations. It was fun, fun, fun and even though we were missing a few of our favorite regulars, everyone seemed to have a good time. This was the aftermath.
I have to say I love my marshmallows. I first made marshmallows last Valentine's Day using this Martha Stewart recipe, modified slightly (adding cocoa & extra vanilla) They are really easy to make and people are always impressed with homemade marshmallows. I've made Dorie's recipe too but as much as I love Dorie I prefer the Martha marshmallow recipe. I think it's because Dorie's recipe has egg whites and I seem to always run into problems with egg whites. I think they hate me. Regardless, I'm making more Martha-mallows this weekend for the knitta friends who weren't able to join us last night and some extras for my nieces/nephews.It has been unseasonably warm here the last few days. As much as I hate to admit it, I actually have enjoyed the warmer weather just the tiniest bit. I am sad to see the sweater weather go though. I haven't finished two of my big cold weather knitting projects yet (the Back to School Vest and the February Lady Sweater). I am excited about setting up my garden though, it'll be time to start some of my seedlings in the next few weeks. My quince is blooming now, the forsythia is budding and the narcicuss is poking up too.


Emily said...

Your house is killer cute. Also, you make decor. How MarthaStewarty of you.

lynseym said...

still jealous i wasn't there!