Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Estate sale finds

I have my friend Lynsey to thank for getting me interested in estate sales. She introduced me last fall. Doug and I started going together in January, he likes to look for older woodworking tools and I like to look for linens and books. One of the first things we bought was a stereo/record player, it was $10 and I think it's around the same age as I am. Since it's purchase, we've been building a random collection of records. Prior to this the only record I ever owned was the Dirty Dancing soundtrack. I could sing every word of "Hungry Eyes". Some Saturdays we have no luck and go home with almost nothing, but this past weekend we came home with a Jeep full of stuff. It's all the record player's fault. We needed a piece of furniture to set the player/speakers on in the living room and at the first sale of the day Saturday Doug noticed a console General Electric record player, we think its from the early 1960's. It's in almost perfect condition, the exception being that it doesn't work right now. Mr. Fix-It thinks he can get it to work but even if he doesn't it's a nice piece of furniture. Doug cleaned it up and we relocated it to the living room. It's kind of perfect there.The next sale we went to I found this framed map of "The Ghost Fleet of the Outer Banks" - it was $10. Doug found an assortment of records, mostly musicals and classical but he did catch a Dylan Thomas recording and he found a hardback of Kinsey's Sexual Behavior of the Human Female. The last sale we went to was alerted to us by Lynsey because it had a ton of records. And it was a crazy little house with a lot of stairs and a creepy collection of dolls. Doug bought nineteen records there, mostly KISS (not my choice).
We called it a day after that. When we got home I did a little internet sleuthing and found that the Kinsey book is actually a first edition, in great shape, just missing the dust jacket. It's the best find we've had so far because we only paid $3 for it. Oh and when we opened the book, this photo of two Siamese cats, dated 1954 fell out.

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Amanda said...

Love all your finds! I actually have only been to one estate sale, millions o garage and rummage sales, and hundreds of thrift stores.

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