Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Attention span issues & movie previews

Apparently I have almost no attention span. Seriously. It pains me to sit through an entire movie unless I am really, really into it (ie Twilight). Doug often goes to the movies alone because I just can't sit still for that long. Knitting helps a little but it's kind of hard to knit anything other than stockinette in the dark. So it only makes sense that I like movie previews more than the actual movies. I *live* for previews. I stalk the Apple Movie Trailer site weekly for new previews. I download them to my iPhone and watch them more than once. Or twice. This might make me certifiable.

Here are my current preview crushes. With about a 40% chance that I'll go see any of them.

Merry Gentleman
Michael Keaton will always be my favorite Batman.

500 Days of Summer
Joseph Gordon Levitt and Zooey Deschanel in an indie love story. Sigh.

Winter of Frozen Dreams
Thora Birch plays a biochemistry student AND a prostitute.

Easy Virtue
I couldn't care less about Jessica Biel, but Colin Firth is another story...

The Informers
Brett Easton Ellis. The first time I thought I was ever going to physically sick during a movie was when I saw American Psycho in the theater. Christian Bale hacking away at someone while Huey Lewis and the News played in the background. But I still like his work. Doug made me watch Less Than Zero last year and it made me love Robert Downey Jr that much more.

Away We Go
It's got John Krasinski and Maya Rudolph in it and the music of Alexi Murdoch. There's probably an 80% chance I'll actually see this one.

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Emily said...

Ahhhh! You don't watch MOVIES?

I watch movies.
Movies all day, every day.
Okay, so that's an overstatement.
Still. Lots o movies.

These look good. Especially the last one. I put the link on my facebook.