Thursday, May 07, 2009

Garden: Week (I lost count...)

My posting has been crappy lately because I've been busy with lots of things but everything should be quiet for awhile now. My garden is coming along, I still have a few more things to plant but we've had so much rain lately it's been hard to get out there. Doug built me three more raised beds but I still have to dig the area where they're going and lay the brick between them. Last Sunday it rained but I went out anyway and planted tomatoes I had bought at the Farmer's Market (from Whitton Farms), fennel, peppers, eggplant and a few other herbs my mom got me. When the rain got really heavy I took a break and caught up on my This American Life podcasts.
I'm not doing as many things from seed this year mainly because I got busy and a lot of my things just do better right in the ground instead of growing early seedlings. I rotated crops this year too, except for the herb bed, I kept them in the same spot. These are purple podded pole beans, a heirloom variety discovered in the Ozarks in the 1930's. I did plant these as seeds, ordered from Seed Savers.
This is Yugoslavian Red lettuce I planted as seed last year and it never came up. Then, out of the blue, it poked out of the bed sometime in late March.
Serrano chiles, bronze fennel and tomatoes in this bedThe herb bed, the golden sage, chocolate mint, parsley and lemon thyme all survived the entire winter out there. The rest of the plantings are new. The tiniest beginnings of Scarlet Nantes carrots, also from Seed SaversAnd three of the established beds, you can see the new beds in the back. My fingers are crossed that it will be dry this weekend so I can plant those few things.

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