Monday, June 15, 2009

Garden Update: Week 10ish?

I'm totally guessing on what week it actually is. I know I had something in the ground by the end of April but I'm not 100% sure before that. So we're saying this is week 10. Purple pole beans are insane! This is what they started out as and this is where they're at now. Amazing! We'll be eating this either the end of the week or the middle of next. Such a good grower, I'll be be planting these again next year. I'm really happy with how well they've done so far.
Eggplant is growing, but only one little eggplant so far. I might have to intercede and pollinate them by hand.
Potatoes are also growing like crazy, They've grown past their pine straw so I have to mound more loose compost at the bases again. They aren't blooming yet but I'm hopeful they'll start soon. I might have seen a potato beetle the other day or maybe I was imaging it, there are a few holes in some leaves which leads me to believe something has been enjoying the foliage. The potatoes have grown so much I'm going to have to relocate the butternut squash that's at the end of the bed so it will have room to grow.My cucumbers developed tendrils last week so I had Doug make a trellis for them. It's mostly cotton yarn attached to this post and the sides of the raised bed. But once they grow up the yarn you won't even be able to see it. A couple of them are starting to flower so maybe it won't be too much long before we have cukes.
All of the tomatoes are growing, most are starting to bloom too. I'm on the lookout for tomato horned worms, which love to gnaw the leaves away from the plants.
I finally bit the bullet and pulled out the carrots and lettuce they hadn't germinated well. I replaced them with bush beans I ordered from High Mowing Seeds. I didn't remember they were bush beans until I had Doug build and install a trellis. Oops.
I also planted two varieties of pumpkins I also bought from High Mowing. I've never grown pumpkins so they may be a fail, we'll have to wait and see.
Pimento peppers are getting closer to being ripe. and the herbs are all well. I did have one herb casualty, the curry plant I bought in March just keeled over and died. I'm not sure why because everything else around is growing like gangbusters. Weird.
Oh and we have grapes?! We bought four grapevines last spring and the man who sold them to us told us we wouldn't have grapes for 4-5 years. So I'm not sure if these will become 'real' grapes or what. These are either Concord or Red Flame.


The Food Librarian said...

Wow! What a farm you have! Everything looks yummy.

pinkstripes said...

OMG. Your garden looks beautiful. I wish I had the skills.

bridgmanpottery said...

hey, don't move your squash. The potatoes will be finished by the time the squash really needs room (like by mid-july)