Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bike-riding - finally!

In my best Melissa voice "Y'all I learned how to ride a bike!" After two years of owning a pink Trek cruiser and twenty-eight years of never learning how to ride a bike period I finally learned. And it was all thanks to some very sweet, patient and generally awesome friends from the MKM (Memphis Knit Mafia). It took a few hours but I managed to ride and only fall off and hit concrete once. Hallelujah. I even got a basket and bell for it, which Doug very kindly installed. I'm still kind of wobbly and skiddish on it right now, especially when I see a car. But hopefully with practice I can manage to get better. My goal is to be able to ride my bike to the coffee shop or Panera Bread, which is maybe a two miles from my house, (maybe less, I'm terrible with distance) by September. Because maybe by mid-September it won't be a thousand degrees outside.

(photos blatantly stolen from Christiana)


bridgmanpottery said...

he he. you can rock the y'all, too.

lynseym said...

i love it!

Mellz said...

I'm so jealous! I've been wanting to buy a bike for a few years now and I haven't gotten around to it. This just might be the motivation I need :D