Thursday, August 27, 2009

A day made of fail

We all have them and today it was my turn. I'm under a huuuuge amount of pressure right now at work (deadlines, deadlines, deadlines) and it was just one of those days where nothing I did came out right - even in the kitchen. I made cupcakes last night for Doug's D&D gathering tonight, but I didn't make the frosting because I was out of butter. So this morning I went to the store on the way to work and planned on making frosting when I came home for lunch - hah! The baking gods did not find me worthy and my chocolate seized up and burned (I've never burned chocolate before!) the butter was mushy, I used every bowl/pot/utensil I could find, etc. The frosting was 'meh' definitely sub par, I was a little embarrassed to send them, but hopefully they'll eat them anyway.

The bright spot of the day was coming home and finding happy little packages. New cupcake papers from Bake It Pretty and earrings from Oh, Hello Friend.I just 'discovered' the Oh, Hello Friend blog (so gorgeous!) and her Etsy shop The package was wrapped up so nicely too, just lovely. The earrings are much bigger than I normally wear (I knew that though) but I really like them, the design is so sweet. I'm now lusting over these earrings.I'm spending the night listening to Iron and Wine, knitting on the Francis/Francie sweater and hoping for a better tomorrow.


bridgmanpottery said...

I'm sorry you had such a tough day. Those are beautiful earrings. I'm tempted!

Mellz said...

sorry about the bad day!! :(

if it makes you feel better my friday at work sucked!!! all the dogs acted like they ate a lot of sugar and smoked crack before they came to daycare lol.

the cupcake liners are so adorable and i love those earrings!

here's to a good weekend! *pouring wine* hehehe

Anonymous said...

Oh, I think those cupcake liners would definitely brighten my day.

ambika said...

I *love* silver filigree and these are so darling.

& believe me, we all have those days. & I'm laughing at Mellz comment about dogs on crack--I think our cats smoke the same thing at times.

Anonymous said...

bah you lost me at D&D gathering bc that was all I could concentrate on. I don't know your husband and I haven't talked to you since high school but just let him know that he rocks immensely simply for being a huge geek like me. lol (we play every sunday but one of the guys makes the cupcakes rofl)