Sunday, September 06, 2009

Garden Update: Week 21ish

The tomatoes are producing, the little cherries that I thought were Roma's but aren't seem to be doing the best. They have no pest problems that I can tell and almost everyday there's a little handful of ripe ones. The bigger tomatoes aren't really great, I pulled a few Roma's and some smaller green ones (maybe Arkansas Traveler?) and they have ripened indoors. I used them for a tomato-corn pie (via Smitten Kitchen). I'm getting a ton of beans (both varieties), butternut squash is barely holding on, one vine has one little squash, pepper are still rampant too. The eggplant didn't enjoy all the rain I think, a few of them rotted on the vine. Bell peppers are coming in still, they love the heat. The last of the figs came last week, the remaining are for the birds (literally). I cooked some down of them last weekend to freeze for use later. The tiny bit of pineapple sage my mother gave me in the spring is waist high now. I'm planning on trying to dry some herbs, including the rosemary, chocolate mint and lavender. I have a book about drying and using herbs but I haven't cracked it yet.

I have seeds for fall crops I bought from Seed Savers but I've been slammed at work and haven't a chance to plant them yet. Doug is going to make tops for the boxes so maybe this year I'll manage some cold frame boxes.

Right now the mosquitoes are still so bad I can't be out in the garden for more than a minute before I'm swarmed by the little bloodsuckers, ugh.

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pinkstripes said...

Your tomatoes look great! And I'm envious of your figs. I would die to have a fig tree.