Sunday, October 25, 2009

A reason to dress up

Friday night we hosted a Halloween costume party for my knitta & hooker friends and their significant others. It was a ton of fun and everyone helped me prepare (especially Lynsey and her significant other who helped and brought delicious food AND set up a movie screen on our patio).

Here are some highlights:
Creepy ham face! Made by Lynsey with ham, prosciutto, cream cheese & ranch dipInstructions found here

Me, in costume, I was the Sunmaid raisin girlDoug, also in costume, he was a farmer. Just an excuse to buy overalls. The food tablePeople watching movies on the patio


lynseym said...

yes! it was so much fun!

Gwen said...

Oh my gosh - you look just like the Sunmaid Raisin girl!

Melanye K. said...

so fun! i love your costume :D

ambika said...

Oh my gosh, I *adore* your costume. Too cute and clever.