Thursday, November 12, 2009

Downtown dining

So this week in Memphis is Downtown Dining Week. Several local restaurants (located downtown) are participating. You get a three course meal for $20.09. I was lucky enough to get to try two restaurants I'd never been to before. SOB (South of Beale) opened earlier this year, maybe in the summer? It's a gastropub on South Main, friendly waitstaff and delicious food. The MKM decided to head over Tuesday night for our knit night. They even reserved the table for us.
I had oxtail wontons, braised pork belly with apple au jus and fennel and a chocolate brownie with almond brittle for dessert, delicious. I also got a taste of one of my friend's grilled calamari steak. I'm pretty sure we'll be returning. (please excuse the crappy iPhone pics)
Last night Doug and I had the pleasure of dining at Circa downtown. It was insanely good, my favorite thing was the lobster and crab bisque, which I could have a gallon of. For our entree I had beef tenderloin with mushroom demi-glace and Doug had tilapia, and for dessert we both had chocolate tart. I also had a glass of petite syrah that was a little spicy but smooth. The meal was the perfect amount of food, we left feeling satisfied but not too full. If you're a local I highly suggest you head downtown to enjoy the last few days downtown dining week!

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lynseym said...

it was so much fun! ted and i went to SOB again! i was hoping they'd have the mussels but i just had the opposite of the night before. :) by the way you look awesome in that photo.