Monday, December 14, 2009

It's beginning to look a little like Christmas

The tree is finally up, later than usual. We chickened out and opted to keep our little silver tinsel tree instead of going for a real full-sized one. Most of the ornaments are Seuss characters, with a few special ones scattered around. The "Oh The Places You'll Go" ornament is my personal favorite.
Our weekend was pretty low-key, Saturday morning I made Chocolate Chip pancakes (recipe here, it's Paula Deen but miraculously there's isn't a whole stick of butter involved).
Our friends had a Christmas party Saturday night and Lynsey and I decided to class it up by making a cocktail weenie tree, an idea found in this book. I made the base with an empty chicken broth can covered in wrapping paper and ribbon, a foam tree form, aluminum foil, glitter, toothpicks and a lot of hot-glue. Doug helped too, as he's a much better wrapper than I am. I think it turned out pretty awesome looking.
Sunday I did our Christmas cards, which I picked up from three different sellers on Etsy, The Black Apple, La Bella Couture and Letterary Press. They're headed out to their respective recipients today.
I cast-off that blasted Woodland Lace Shawl I've been knitting since July and found time to block it. I've never blocked a lace shawl so I'm hoping it doesn't come out looking too wonky...
Using some of my Seattle yarn loot, I cast on a little cable hat in Rowan Felted Tweed, I'm halfway done. It's only my second cable project but so far, so good. The brim is a little tight for my big noggin, but it's a wool blend so maybe it can be blocked a little to stretch it out.

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