Monday, December 21, 2009

Real! Tree!

Most of the time I try to plan things out but occasionally I get a whim and end up doing/convincing my husband, to do spur of the moments things. This was the case Saturday. So we put up our little tinsel tree last week and it was fine but I couldn't shake the disappointment of not having a real, actual tree. So Saturday morning as we're sitting in our pajamas drinking coffee I convinced him we should go buy a real tree, even though it's less than a week before Christmas. We went to the Schnuck's parking lot to purchase a little 5 1/2 foot-tall Norman Fir. It was a very painless process to un-decorate the old tree and relocate the ornaments to the new one. Plus it looks so.much.better. I love it. I keep sitting on the ottoman in the living room staring at it.In crafty news, I was inspired by Amanda at Bake It Pretty to make these little faux-cupcake ornaments. I used glitter instead of faux snow and my cupcake papers actually came from Bake It Pretty. I also forgot how when you use glitter it gets everywhere, usually in a spot on your forehead where it will stay for days, despite the fact that you shower regularly and wash your face.I know Christmas is mere days away and you probably have eight million things to bake and at least three people to still buy presents for and lots of uncomfortable family functions to sit through, but you should mix up a batch of this homemade hot chocolate, make yourself a mug of it and listen to David Sedaris's Santaland Diaries on NPR. It'll make you feel better, I promise.


Kerry Crawford Trisler said...

First of all, those ornaments are super cute. Did you make them?

Secondly, I have that mug!

Melanye K. said...

Your ornaments are awesome! I like the liners you used too :)

We didn't get a tree at all this year because of our recent move and not having time. So glad you go yours! It's so cute!

Merry Christmas!