Monday, January 18, 2010


Saturday we drove up to Nashville to spend the day, just to do something different.
We had lunch at Silly Goose, a little place in East Nashville. I had a couscous dish with olives, bleu cheese, red peppers, basil and balsamic. Highly recommend it.Visited the Sweet 16th Bakery and picked up a couple of things before they closed.

Went vintage clothing shopping at the Hip Zipper.Got slightly freaked out by the huge Billy Graham statue downtown, at least I think it's Billy Graham.Saw an exhibit at the Frist Center. (no pics allowed inside so this is us outside looking dorky)Had a mocha at Crema, which is supposed to be the best in the city.Found two books from one of my favorite authors at Bookman/Bookwoman.Ate biscuits and country fried steak after waiting an hour at the Loveless Cafe.Then we drove home, or rather I drove for about an hour before Doug decided I should not drive as it was raining steadily and I was making him nervous because the 18 wheelers kept passing me and splashing water all over the window shield causing me to freak out.

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